Monday, March 07, 2005

So you want to be a blog star?

By definition, a Blog is a weblog. The web being World Wide Web, and log, as in the recorded progress of an undertaking. Historically weblogs log webpages or lists links for reference by other users. This ain’t that, and it ain’t a history of the weblog either. So, before we go any further this little webpage made with Blogger is just that, my free web page.
I have wanted to write some essays to better my writing skills and get a handle on organizing the rambling mess that is my conscious mind. I considered sitting down and writing on the computer. I considered sitting down and writing at a desk with pencil and paper. I have a myriad of excuses as to why that never happened. I did jot some things down, mostly fiction, and some of them may come to life here sooner or later. After a particularly harrowing day at work last week, I had thoughts of creating a ‘zine. Yeah that’ll happen. Write, edit, copy, construct, bind, mail….nope, never in a million years. I love the idea of a neat little paper thing that shows up in the mail with interesting writing and cool insight. It’ll never happen. I really like paper, I have books on bookbinding, I actually know who Dard Hunter was, but with my scattered brain and lack of free time (this may become another essay) I can’t pull this off. While doing research about starting a ‘zine the blog thing slapped me in the face. Hey, lots of people with nothing to say are saying it all over the web, and thanks to Blogger (and Google’s deep pockets), they can do it for free! So, why is this better than a pencil and paper? Why am I writing with this device, as opposed to, just typing essays and handing them to people? Hell, I don’t know. Perhaps it’s the idea that someone will read and appreciate them outside the small circle of people who know me.
As of this writing, my plan is for this to be a place to post my writings. Essays and the occasional bad short story will be here and perhaps an announcement if I see something of interest. What this will not be is a rambling description of my life with references to people no one knows but me. - “Went out last night with Eugene and got sooooooo…. Drunk, and Leslie you bitch don’t ever call me again, you suck” Yeah, there’s plenty of that to go around so I need not add fuel to that fire. I may or may not entertain you, dear reader, and I very well may bore you but I’ll try to be original and not suck too bad.

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