Monday, July 18, 2005

Dirt is not dirt cheap, or why I hate mulberry trees.

Garage update. The point of this blog was not for the garage but it's such an interesting project, for me at least, that its become the garage chronicles. That's okay because it is pretty much all I think about at present. So, now for the boring stuff.
The concrete is dry enough to work around/on, so I started backfilling. I put a drain tile around the slab and ordered 12 tons of good ol' Indiana limestone. The tile (a plastic tube) is to keep water away from the foundation. Water bad for structure. GRRRRRRR. Sorry lapsed into frankenstein. Anyway, the tile needs to be surrounded by gravel so I put 12 tons of gravel around the slab. I shoveled quite a bit and Amy was a huge help also. Malcolm sat on the slab and watched. He's not lazy He's an infant. I needed stone to bring the driveway level up to the front of the slab and the initial pile I ordered wasn't enough, so I ordered another 5 ton. This stuff is $14.00 a ton. That adds up fast when you need all that stone. Of course I need to cover all the stone around the slab with dirt. Pulverized black dirt is also $14.00 a ton. Dirt cheap my ass. It's looking good though.
Oh, yeah the mulberry. I don't actually hate mulberry trees, just this particular one. I have one in the front yard that's pretty cool. The mulberry tree in question is growing up through the fence along the driveway and is hanging over the driveway. In the past, this was a place for birds to hang out, eat mulberrys and then poop them all over the cars parked nearby. I know they do it on purpose-sadistic bastards. Ok, I digress. The mulberry tree is hanging over the driveway enough that it will be in the way of the garage rolling up onto the slab. I didn't kill the tree or anything I just cut the branches that blocked the safe egress of the garagemobile. I'm not into indiscriminate tree killing. I dont hug em' either, don't get any ideas.
There is not really much left to do before moving the garagemobile (I like that term, garagmobile). I'm going to add a sole/sill plate. I dont really know if the term is sole plate or sill plate. I'll look it up. I'm going to add pressure treated boards to the bottom of the garage. That is one 2x6 all the way around for a little support/bug deterrent/piece of mind.... Tonight I bought the lumber. New bundles of treated lumber are always super wet, so I stacked em' on the slab to dry. I'm not sure when to move the garage, the concrete guy said a month. I'ts been a week. The truth lies somewhere in between. More to come....

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