Saturday, July 09, 2005

Garage progress

I've been on "vacation" all week and we got a ton of work done on the mobile garage. Last Sat. we tag teamed the forms (don't forget Bill's building a garage too, remember Bill?) and made huge progress. By Wed. We were ready for pre-pour inspections. On Thursday the inspector came by and was ready to red tag us both. Luckily, Bill and I married the coolest chicks on the block and they set him straight. Green tags all around-rockin' good news. Last evening we pulled a post from my fence so the 70,000# concrete truck (it's not a cement truck, cement is an ingredient) could drive around my back yard and further fuck up the lawn. This would be in addition to the 5 dump trucks that shoe-horned themselves through that 10' wide gate. The post (remember the post?) had 3' of concrete and a good 2' more of post below that. That baby was in there. Thanks to Bill and the big ol' jack. Soooooo..... bright and early this mornin a construction crew and a big red concrete truck showed up and we commenced a shovelin'.
All went well and the floor looks lovely.Thanks for the samiches Amy. It's got this cool fiberglass mesh to strengthen the concrete and it sticks out of the floor. Fuzzy. We're gonna pour mine on Monday. I cant wait to get this garage set down on the new floor. I'll get the pics up soon.

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