Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Nerd Bird and terminology update

Our man Wade supplied us with some bitchin aerial photographs from the Nerd Bird. The Nerd Bird is Wade's powered parachute. We've got a before and an after. The before picture is from Februaryish. Also, I looked up the sole/sill plate difference as I'm sure everyone was real worried about it. Yeah, all two of you who read this. So, a sill plate is the board that contacts the sill or foundation of the building and the rest of the structure sits on top of it. The sole plate is the bottom board of the wall that sits on the floor. For a garage like mine or Bill's, the terms are pretty much interchangeable. For a house, you would have the sill plate with the floor joists sitting on top of it, and then the sole plate sitting on top of the joists.
Whatever, I know no one gives a crap.

1 comment:

Grumpyunk said...

Nice pics! Looks like the project is coming along nicely.
Yeah, sill and sole. You never hear anyone use the term sole plate, so I can see where the confusion could come from. Wish I lived closer and could get in on this project.