Friday, August 12, 2005


My last post was written the day we moved the garagemobile. I was exhausted when I wrote that so the post wasn't exactly witty or entertaining. Well no guarantees with this one but I'll do my best. I just came in from fixing the out of square problem. The front of the garage was leaning out quite a bit. The short version is I pulled it back square with a comalong and a chain.
The long version consists of multiple tries, broken boards, bent screws, lots of sweat and Slayer.
Now, it's not like Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman came by with some advice on used garage repair but I was listening to the extremely cheesy Slayer Live: Decade of Agression. Not a bad album but.....I digress. I fabbed up some things to attach the chain hooks to the building with earlier this week. I started by bolting these to the sill plate on one side and the top plate on the other. Slap the chain on em, comalong in the middle, start pulling. I just about pulled the front wall in. The side wall's still crooked. O.K. try again. At this point I decide to switch from crappy classic rock on the radio to the Slayer. I move the chain closer to the corners and put a board on the outside to keep from pulling the wall down. Sounds easy, but took a lot of work pulling the siding boards down, cutting a slot in the board, putting the board up......Slap the chain on em, comalong in the middle, start pulling. I rip the bolts out of the pulling thingy that's bolted to the sill plate. O.K. I need a board on the outside on BOTH ends. Grab another board, lay it out, drill, saw, pull some more siding, screw the board in, slap the chain on em, comalong in the middle, start pulling. Again. This time it works. I pull a little, let it sit, pull a little, let it sit, lather rinse repeat. By this time I'm wringing with sweat tired and I think I have some fiberglass in my eye. Oh, and sick of Slayer. HA! but the garage is pretty damn square now. Almost as good as a Danley. I screwed some fresh corner braces in and took the tension off the chain.

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