Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Too many projects and pictures of pretty motorcycles

My good friend (whom I’ve never met or spoken to) Lucky, posted a link to my site and said “This guy has too many projects and pictures of pretty motorcycles”. Brother, you don’t know the half of it. Well, I take that as a compliment and I was thinking about all the projects and the pictures of motorcycles. That should really be the name of this rag. I still like the bizzare "Still life with Cranston Ritchie" though. I've decided to actually include the namesake here for your pleasure. This blog started as a creative outlet to rant about random crap. Well, it is that but it’s evolved into more of a diary of my projects. I get much more enjoyment out of it that way anyhow. After all, the reason we build shit is so we can show it off right? I will lay out some of the projects I’ve either got going currently or are backburnered waiting to get a garage. Of course readers of this thing will know the garage is project numero uno. All of this project neurosis comes directly from my father, by the way. He loves to “surround myself with shit”. His words, direct quote.
Just as a point of reference The Chief, as he is known, has a 41 Plymouth, a seventy- something Volkswagen, and 9 or so motorcycles, none of which actually run. These are the big projects but in no way represent all the projects. I digress. I own three motorcycles, one runs well and is fairly new (XR70), my CB550 Honda, which runs but needs a lot of TLC, and a ’69? Harley-Davidson Sprint 250. The little Harley is an Italian built, single cylinder 250 thing that looks nothing like what you’d expect coming from H-D. Not good or bad just different. I own 7 or so bicycles, three of which I have been chronicling here, the others are or were projects. I truly cannot remember the last time I actually rode a bicycle, by the way. Last fall I sold my 66 Plymouth Belvedere and I would love to get another old Mopar. I recently took up pinstriping as a hobby and I’ve striped some things and plan to stripe some more. Hopefully, I’ll get good enough to display the results here. I do photography as a hobby. Mostly black and white old timey stuff that I develop in my darkroom. I’ll try to scan some of my “pretty motorcycle” pictures to share here.I’ll lay out some of the cooler stuff as time goes on. Too many projects? Naw. There are never too many projects, just not enough time or money.


Grumpyunk said...

"Too many projects? Naw. There are never too many projects, just not enough time or money."

True enough, Surly. Yeah, Chief gets cool points for having 2 bikes in his garage that are included in the "Art of the Motorcycle" display.

red said...

Very true, you can never have too many projects.