Thursday, November 17, 2005

Dont like the weather? Wait a minute

Steve giving Mother Nature what for.....

Just a couple quick points for today -
1) Last Sat. I went for a ride on my bike. When I got home about 10:30 am it was 70deg. Last night driving to my folks' house in the truck it was 26. It was freakin' snowing! I dont usually complain about the weather until at least December, but can we at least gradually ramp into the cold? I was going to load my Sprint up and bring it home and I couldn't get the rubber covers for the tie down pockets off. They were frozen in place! The wind was blowing like four thousand miles an hour. I said "fuck this" and I was not dressed for the weather anyway. O.k. that's enough, I feel better. When I do bring the Sprint home I'll post some pics and give her a little write up.
2) I almost have the workbench done. I forgot to bring the camera with me or I would have taken some pics. I'ts ugly but it should be sound as a pound once she's all installed. Steel I-beams and 2x8's, but bolt-together construction so if I move won't take an eighteen wheeler to move it. I just need to drill some holes, tidy up some missed welds, and grind all the ugly stuff. It needs a paint job but I may leave that until spring because I'm too broke to afford an $8.00 can of Rust-Oleum. Not complaining, just the facts.
3) I scanned a couple of my black and white bike photos and I'll post some here. I do black and white photography as a hobby (like I need another one) and I may offer some for sale if anyone is interested. More to come..........

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