Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I figured it out!

Apparently this guy plays guitar too. The sidebar problem was caused by my World's Fastest Indian post. It was spaced funny and forced the columns wide and moved the sidebar down. It's gone so suffice it to say, go see the movie when it comes out in February.Now I just have to put my links back. Here is the Blogger help desk answer. I deleted some of my pictures to try and get things to work and I may put them back up later. Also, no progress on the Bully bike forks this week as the Old Man has a toothache so I couldn't get into the shop and I have to play the drums at a Christmas gig this week. I'm also woriking ten hour days for awhile. Busy, busy. Thanks very much to Gymi for the advice on fixing the blog and for the kind words about painting.


Grumpyunk said...

"the Old Man has a toothache so I couldn't get into the shop"

Get Uncle Jimmi to pull it for him. He pulled one of his own with a pair of pliers a couple of years ago. Goofy Bastard. I can say that about one of my brothers can't I?

Surly said...

Read Mom's blog - it chronicles the whole event.