Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I think I'll call it the bully

I'm working on a new set of forks to start off the custom job on my new American middleweight cruiser. I've never really owned one of these but I've been collecting parts for a long time. The stock fork was bent very badly, so I either had to repair it or go Kustom. I could also just use the forks I had lying around but this thing needs some new life. Deciding to give it a tough-guy bobber look, it needed a new fork. I had a little trouble cutting the old stem out of my spare fork but it's good to go now. I didn’t want a raked out chopper thing, so I will have basically the same rake and slightly different trail. It’s rigid of course, and sort of on the small side. It is supposed to enhance the look, not be the centerpiece like some are. The headlight in there is just the right size. I’m pretty happy so far with the way it’s coming out. I’ve got two little pieces to make and I can start welding.
I’m putting those alloy rims on there and the fat tires, bobbing the fenders a little, adding a flare to the ends, etc…. I’m trying to figure out a paint scheme and making a list of cool add-ons. I think it needs some red crown valve caps. It’s hard to strike that balance between cool and over done. Of course, one man’s cool is another man’s WTF? I want to have 50’s motorcycle style with a little bicycle style thrown in but not too Pee-Wee Herman. Sort of a bully bike, or something you’d see at the Oakland Rod & Custom Show back in the early sixties. I read somewhere that the fifties that people remember were the sixties. That is to say, when someone says back in the 50’s they are talking about 1962. I digress. It should be a pretty cool scoot for very little money. I just wish I could paint.

One more thing – Today is Dec. 7th “A day that will live in infamy”. Lets not forget about all the people who died so we could fart around and build cool ass bicycles and blog about it and not worry about if the Communists or whoever are invading. Thank you, to all the soldiers and sailors who keep me free.


Gymi said...

Amen to the armed forces, a buddy of mine is always builing custom bikes. He really gets into the details. He has the same problem about how much to do to them. He is building one now that I painted for him in white and black with a little red for accent. I will post a couple of pics on my blog when he is done. the last one he built I have pictured on my blog in the July arcives. It is the only copper plated bike I have ever seen. It all started with a pair of wood fenders he bought, and built the bike around them. If you are looking for a paint job, drop me a line, maybe we can work something out for the

Later Gymi

Surly said...

My first thought was flat/satin black with red and white pinstripes. While I love that scheme I'm saving it for some future thing, like maybe my truck.
I have a couple of things in mind for it, maybe gold or lime flake?
I got outbid on a leopard print seat on ebay - damn.

Der_General said...

Painting isn't as hard as you think, and there's only one way to learn... As for the color, you can't go wrong with John Deere Blitz Black & red accents...

Grumpyunk said...

"I got outbid on a leopard print seat on ebay - damn. "

Yeah, maybe you should be worried about overdoing it.

Nice pic of the Chief & What the heck is that big white tube deal on the bench behind the bike?

Surly said...

O.K. just to be clear - the leopard seat was cool. In the fifties the rockers in England used to spiff up thier Triumphs and Bessers with leopard seat covers. As for the paint, I'm not afraid of painting but I dont think I could do a flake job justice. I've seen bad ones and boy are they ugly.
The white thing in the background is a base from one of those football training sleds that the meatheads slam into and push while the coach stands on it and calls them pussies.

Gymi said...

The trick to getting even flakes is, you have to mount your bike on a rotating jig so you can let the spray fall onto the frame. That is about the only way to get a good even pattern on anything you flake. When you try to shoot the spray pattern in up or to the side half of the flake doesn't make it onto the bike and you end up with an uneven job that looks like shit. I use a old engine stand that I made a arm that I can bolt almost any part to. As long as you can rotate the frame, I am confident you can get the results your looking for.