Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It's that time once again

Time to get sick. I've got my Christmas cold. At least I don't have the flu.
Must be because I had the flu for Christmas and I'm not feeling up to par - It increases my paranoia - Like looking in the mirror and seeing a police car. But I'm not giving in an inch to fear - I promised myself this year - I feel like I owe it to someone. Hey, nothing like some obscure Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young lyrics to alienate my readers. Actually, I'm doing o.k. it's just the annoyance kind of cold. Coughing and such. Makes my coffee taste like dog balls. Enough of the whining, last night I brought the Sprint from the garden shed into the garagemobile. I swept the floor, pushed the workbench back against the wall. There are two motorcycles in there now. It actually looks like a garage and not a construction site. There is just enough room to lean on the workbench and ruminate about how cool that piece of crap sitting there will be someday. Of course it was a balmy 20deg. in there, so I did not stay long. Progress is progress. I've noticed that it's about 10deg. warmer inside the garagemobile most of the time. That's really not bad for not having heat. You cant stay out there for long, so I dont know about that top-end tear-down on the Honda just yet. More to come on the bicycle fork project, too. If I feel good enough I'll get something done on that tonight. The picture is of Wes Cooley, one of the great early American Superbike racers. No connection, just thought it was cool.


Lucky said...

Sounds like it's time to get a space heater!

Gymi said...

I hear what yer talkin' bout, It's freezing in my garage too. Cooley, always one of my faves.

Surly said...

I've got my eye on a space heater, but I have to wait til after the holidays. I'm knid of broke and my family needs luxury items like food and shelter.
I love those old superbikes. My Dad has a Z1 that I might turn into a period race replica for the street. Don't worry it's not a stock one.