Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Up to mah ears

I have alot going on this week so not much real time to post. I made some progress on several projects. The one top secret project is done so I'll post pics when I can. No news on the ratty FLH from around the corner. I haven't made it over there yet. I got some parts for the Sprint and mocked it up a little. I actually did some metalwork on it. Because of the winter here the Honda has been getting neglected. I need to do some maintenence on the old girl and continue with the never ending spiffying up process. I started on the bodywork a little and I've narrowed down the color scheme to two choices-black or black. I'll either go the factory correct gloss black with new blue stripe decals and new emblems or the piss everyone off, flat black with gold metallic racing stripes and figure out a way to paint the old crappy emblems. Anything is better than brown. I also need to stop the chain from rubbing the centerstand before it saws itself in half. I've also got some issues with my job that I'm sure will work themselves out soon.
Rock on.

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