Friday, March 17, 2006

I want a new house

Yeah, yeah we all want new shit. Seriously though, after whining about wanting a new scoot my damn basement flooded again. Nothing was damaged but a box of wedding invitations and our wedding was four years ago. This gave me a good reason to clean out "the room". The Room is the room that you throw all the stuff into and close the door and everytime you do so you say "Man, I really gotta clean that room". It's also the only room in the basement that has carpet. Now I have to get everything out and pull up the carpet and put down tile or something. The up side to this is I'm going to get rid of some crap that I don't need and I set up MY drumset over at Joe's. I've been playing his kit and I much prefer my own. Mine kicks ass, even. The work around the house is starting to pile up and the garagemobile still needs a laundry list of things done to it. Today a co-worker (at the old job, I'm still there for another week) showed me his house that he will be putting up for sale. It too kicks much ass. If I made a realistic list of all the things I wanted in a piece of property, this place pretty much has em all. I wont go getting anyones hopes up about it (except the wife, she's easily excited) but it's closer to work. I have no idea if I can afford it and I'm sure the Surly compound is gonna need a new deck and a fence this summer to make it saleable. My Dad told me "you don't need any damn new motorcycle, you need to save your money so you can move closer to work". I hate it when he's right. If I was to buy a new place now, there's no way I could afford another bike. Crap. I guess I'll be thinking about all that as I'm spending my weekend with the soggy carpeting. Happy St. Patties day enjoy the picture of Irish McCalla

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Blatz said...

Hey bud, sorry about the basement. If you need to borrow a de-humidifier you know where we live and so far our basement is dry.