Monday, March 06, 2006

I've got a secret

Due to the nature of secrets if I blab it to you, my dear readers, it will no longer be a secret. Until the veil of secrecy can be lifted I will blog about some other crap. Don't worry, it won't be long now. Not much going on on the motorcyle front. As usual, I've been dividing my time equally between very busy and very lazy. We have sort of put the band back together so I've got that going for me. There are four of us and we all have different musical tastes. We've been playing together for about 5 years or so in this configuration. It's really an odd deal because all of us would probably do something totally different given the opportunity. The whole point is just to get together and play. We suck, but we have fun sucking and we have no aspirations to ever get out of Joe's garage (basement, actually). Before this spins totally out of control into another post just for the sake of posting I'll make some attempt at a point. I dig playing the drums and I dig really good drummers. People talk about who the best drummer is or was and most real musicians know that's crap. You can't say that Neil Peart is the best drummer ever. Well, you can say it but it's like saying Babe Ruth was the best baseball player. Yes, he was great but one only in the specific context of the Bambino's era and could he catch? What kind of curve ball did he have? He could smack the hell out of the ball but Carlton Fisk would kick his ass behind home plate. Smelling what I'm stepping in here? So as far as drummers go I've got a few idols.
Ginger Baker was the drummer for Cream as well as many other bands that no one has ever heard of. Starting out as a jazz guy Ginger Baker was a fan of Baby Dodds and Max Roach.
Max Roach is the man. If you put a gun to my head and made me pick the best of all time, I'd pick Max. He was every bit as technically proficient as that show-off Buddy Rich and didn't have to show off. Besides, Buddy was a dick.
John Henry Bonham-another rock guy who had jazz in his blood. Bonham and Jones were Led Zeppelin. Apparently there was a singer and guitar player in that band as well.
Phil Collins-before he was a crappy singer doing soundtracks for Disney, Phil could play the shit out of some drums.
Shelley Manne-this guy's brush playing could make you cry. I've never heard anyone with a brush technique like Shelley.
Jean-Paul Gaster-the drummer from Clutch. Channeling Bonham without copying him. Fresh, original and rib-crushing. I love this guy.
Herb- while my musical tastes have veered away from the super technical Yngvie kind of drumming, I'll always dig Tim Alexander. Seen Primus 4 times.
There are alot more but these are my faves. There are flashy players and there are guys like Phil Rudd from AC/DC who are just laying it down. Nothing wrong with that. Oh, I almost forgot to mention Steve White. I'm a big Paul Weller fan and if I could say my drumming style is similar to anyone elses it would be Whitey.
Rock on.


Grumpyunk said...

I saw Buddy Rich at the "After 4 Supper Club" in Cedar Lake once. Ray, the owner, was a drummer, a Buddy Rich fan and a super nice guy. He was a friend of your Grandfather too.

I did all of Ray's print work and he and I got along really well and he comped me a couple of tix to see Buddy play. Good show.

I got to watch him treat Ray like a piece of crap after the show and hated it and him for it. Yeah, Prick sums it up well.

Surly said...

I think the same guy still runs the After 4 Club. I've met him several times and yes, he's a peach. Very nice guy.

WooleyBugger said...

What! No comment on Ringo or Keith Moon? To different ends of the spectrum.

Surly said...

Yeah, Moonie and Ringo rock too. But they get plenty of accolades already. I just threw Bonham in because I'm tired of hearing how bloody wonderful Page and Plant are. And he too loved green sparkle drumkits.