Saturday, March 11, 2006

Take a walk in my head

I'm sitting here watching Beretta, he's dressup in a white leisure suit with a big wide brimmed hat.
An ascot like multi-colored scarf around his neck. He's got a huge, brown, patchwork, leather shoulder bag and a big ass white French poodle. He's posing as a gay coke-head to bust a dealer who appears gay as well for some reason. They engage in some feminine street slang and he (Beretta as gay dog walker) offers the dealer $20.00. The dealer who's wearing a smart salmon colored ensamble complete with knit hat produces a baggie full of blow. Beretta says "I'm the heat, kid". When the dealer starts to run Beretta wrestles him to the ground. Imagine Robert Blake dressed as a gay dog walking coke head riding around on this gold and white hard tail with the luchador mask for a seat.
What the fuck? Bike's clean, no?


Gymi said...

that bike is the cats pajama's man.

sparx said...

Sorry, this does nothing for me. I appreciate the work involved but I'm just not a fan.

Surly said...

Sparx, that's the kind of thing I'd like to build and then park it and look at it. As for riding, I'd want something that turns, stops, and holds more than a pint of gas.