Saturday, April 29, 2006


I got her all in primer and everything went well. There is one small spot on the tank where I may have a low spot in the filler. There were only a few small dings in the tank but I may have gotten carried away with the sanding in one spot. The lighting is not great in the garagemobile so I'll check it out in the daylight tomorrow. I have gloss black paint so I'm going to shoot that. If it turns out bad I'll clear it with some satin clear. When I was wet sanding the sidecovers they looked badass as I wiped the water off and had a nice satin sheen. I have a theory that flat black is for actual ratty things and satin is for things that are going for the look but are actually nice. I'll keep you posted. I have an idea or two so we'll see if I can overcome the urge to make it custom.
Rock on people.


Gymi said...

My bike looks alot like yours does right now, I'm almost finished with the paint at last. Like you, to much going on at one time, finally got a block of time to make some good progress.

Lucky said...

It's a fine line between ratty and nice. :D

Have you considered the possibility of just leaving the bike in primer?

Looks good, anyway. Good luck with the rest of it!!