Sunday, May 14, 2006

Not a propeller

I went from thinking Sportster to thinking /5 to /6 to /7 to oilhead. Keep in mind these are just thoughts and I'm in no way ready to purchase a bike. My Dad had a nice toaster tank R50/5 BMW for a while and that was my first exposure to them. While I was looking at /5's my wife reminded me that I was looking for a "new" bike. Oh yeah. I'm not looking for a new bike but a modern bike. This rules out the /5's. They are plenty nice but does not suit the criteria for my next motorcycle. That's what my wife tells me anyway. We all know that people that ride BMW's are specific. I'm not sure what that entails exactly but there is a certain "group independence" about the guys and gals that put hundreds of thousands of miles on thier bikes and wear those funny helmets. They are the kind of riders that ride. There is no "I wish it wasn't raining, I want to ride my bike" with these cats. There's no "I'm going to take the bike out for a ride when I get home from work" in this group. These are the "Hey, I'm going to run to Alaska for some ice cream...back in a few days" type of folks. I've never been that kind of guy but perhaps knowing there is a shaft driven German engineered motorrad whirring under me will transform me into that guy. No of course not, but having a reliable bike that I can ride whenever I want and not having to worry about might. I'm entertaining thoughts on modern R bikes but I have to stick to around the three thousand dollar mark. I don't know much about BMW's but then again I don't know much about the Scott Flying Squirrel either. Like most bikes I've owned I enjoyed finding out all the history and what to look out for. The owners clubs etc... I ran across a neat link from the AMA about BMW being the featured marque at the 2004 Vintage Days. Check out the 10 things you didn't know about BMW. While I've been entertaining thoughts of this bike and that bike I still keep coming back to the Suziki SV650. Mostly for the economic reasons but maybe I'm just not ready for all that reliability.

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Gymi said...

The SV is on sale at Chigagoland for $ 4,999.00 Hard to beat that price for a used bike.