Sunday, August 20, 2006

Almost there

Made some real progress on the ol' Bully bike. Everything seems to work. I have to finish up the fenders and get them installed and do something about my abysmal pinstriping job. Overall, it's pretty cool. More pics when I get her done, the batteries died in the camera and you really don't want to see the pinstriping up close.


Gymi said...

Lookin' good Surly,
Like the red and white brake cable. Nice touch, paint looks great too.

Lucky said...


I think you should leave the fenders off. It looks crazy-tough that way.

Surly said...

Thanks, fellas! I've been sitting on the red and white cable cover for along time. It's n.o.s. from the 60's.
My buddy told me to leave the fenders off, too. I need to finish them whether I run em or not.
The grips are n.o.s. Hunt Wilde translucent items also. Groovy.

Biker Betty said...

Neat Bike. The last time I took apart a bike to paint it (painted it purple), it never ran the same again, lol. It was a 10 speed and I messed up something in the gears.