Sunday, December 10, 2006

Life is good

I haven't had time to write anything motorcycle related. With winter (and the Holidays) having set in around here other things have taken priority. Mrs. Surly made it abundantly clear that blogging has nothing to do with parenting or any other husbandly duties. Rather than have her put a Croc in my ass I need to get some things done around ol' Surlyville. By that, I don't mean any actual reptile-rectal insertion but get kicked with an overpriced foam shoe in my lazy ass. She's a good woman and that's just why I married her. Moving on, I was fortunate enough to have a four day weekend over Thanksgiving and the weather was killer so I got another wall of the garage sided. Now the view through the Robitussin and window crayons is a bit nicer.
Two down, two to go. I got a heater that does a real good job of keeping the building warm too, so I can get out there and work in this cold somewhat comfortably. I'm making a cool little X-mas gift for my boy, I'll post that when it's done. We went to the company Christmas shin-dig last night and had a grand old time. Big ass filet, ice sculpture, fancy desserts with the edible company logo in chocolate, and free booze. You'll notice the lovely Mrs. Surly (far left) and the lovely Mrs. Wilson modeling the dessert. This morning I'm greatful that I don't have a hangover, chalk another one up for not drinking. I broke down and bought myself another digital camera. I went with a relaltively cheap model because it will only be used for my blog shots and the odd ebay sales and most importantly I have about twenty film cameras and bringing another camera home is tough to justify. I have been trying to get back to my photography lately. I souped about a dozen rolls of film that were accumulating and I'm working on getting my view camera outfit a bit more workable. My thoughts have been a bit more contemplative lately, as well. I've been reading some philosophy which helps the A.D.D. out quite a bit, believe it or not. Using the view camera goes along with this as the entire process demands that you slow down. No snapping away and hope for the best. I'd like to post some pics here other than the odd snap you normally see. Perhaps over at my flickr page too, but for now, no time etc....
Things are good around here, just busy. Still Life with Cranston Ritchie is not going away, stay tuned.

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