Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Beating a dead horse

Well, greetings everyone! Not much has happened around here other than the usual life stuff that you all have to deal with on your own fronts. I made a cute little part for the Honda and I had the guy who painted it, paint it again. When I tried to put the parts back on the bike the orange peel was so bad that I could not bring myself to hang the parts back on the bike. He gladly obliged and they have been repainted but (of course) I'm waiting for the final sand and buff. I need a need a new brake line, finish my cute little part (more later, maybe), hang the freshly painted bodywork, and fix a small leak or two and she'll be ready for the road. Not much really but there are many little things that could be done. As long as I have something to ride when the weather breaks. I'm not waiting this year. I may not have the means for a new bike yet but ridings riding right? I can stand up on the pegs of the 550 and pretend I'm on a R1100GS somewhere in some far off mountains. O.K. perhaps not. It's a cool picture though, eh? There are more lovely pics over at the BMW website. Seems they make cars too. Who new? I got some cool videos for X-mas. Dust to Glory- this movie rocks. Bruce Brown's son Dana made it and in my opinion it's On Any Sunday for the masses. Check it out. I also got Choppertown: The Sinners - a documentary about a bunch of guys who call themselves The Sinners and are helping one of the members build a bike. Not really a bike movie but a look into the lives of some gen-Xers who are in the SoCal hot rod/chopper scene. Check it out.
Also, I got a promotion. I used to post here quite a lot from the desk at my old job. After years of working as a machinist I got that job working as a draftsman. I then moved on to my current job but back into the shop as a machinist again. I took the step back for the chance to work in a better company with better pay, benefits, environment, etc... The gamble paid off because they want me to move into the office as a draftsman at the new place. The office job has better hours. It will be a couple of months before the change takes place but perhaps I'll have more time to blog and my hope is I'll be riding and talk more about bikes. That's all for now, keep checking in. I'm not going anywhere. Oh yeah, and the coolest thing of the week is dead. Oh, well.

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