Saturday, March 10, 2007

Springy-ness and Behemoth Buells

Holy crap. We finally got some real weather here in Da Region. Leaving work on Thursday I saw a guy on a new Buell. My first sighting since the weather started to turn. After I got home, I was at the neighbors' and I spotted some strange bike pulling up in front of my house. My buddy was riding an 89' Buell RR 1200. A piece of history sitting in the street in front of my house. They made about 50 of these things total. It is a cool old time machine. Enjoy what you can see of the pics. I'll get better shots of it in the daylight. Man is this thing WIDE. I sat on it and it feels like your sitting on the hood of a Crown Vic looking in the windshield. About as comfy as a 2x12.
This thing rules. I was like a dog with two dicks drooling all over this thing. He said I could ride it but It was about 35 degrees, dark, there is still all the winter gravel on the roads, it does not belong to either of us, and as you can see there is no plate. It almost did not stop me. I'll take it for a ride once the weather warms up. Fucking neat. Rock on.

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