Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sucessful Cicada-fest

One of our friends in the motorcycle club had a nice get together tonight. We are in the midst of the 17 year cicada emergence. For those of you who don't know, we have these cicadas that come out of the ground every seventeen years and make a bunch of racket and freak people out with thier big red eyes. They don't really do anything, and are not really much more than a novelty. Or an excuse to have a party. Our hosts were very nice to welcome us into thier home and the food was good and many lies were told. Suprisingly, only three bikes were ridden in. This was mostly due to it being a potluck and most guys brought thier wives. It's tough to carry a pasta salad on the back of an old bike. You don't see too many old Interceptors like that on the road anymore. That Beemer has 89,000+ miles on it! That's my Honda on the right. We're supposed to go on a ride tomorrow morning so maybe I'll have a post ride report later. Don't hold your breath. Oh and check out this cool "tattoo" on my buddies leg. Sweet, eh? All those bikes in the backround are his. I think there were an even dozen. Ducati, Triumph, BSA, lots of little Hondas. Super nice people, thanks guys!(Sorry about the crappy pics, my son decided to clean the lens of my camera with Cheetos powder and the images are not quite what they used to be)


Der_General said...

The "tat" is awesome - does the C-leg affect his riding at all?

Surly said...

His bikes are all standard. If he's wearing pants you can't even tell he has it. Just a slight limp.