Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm about 75miles away from having the new SV in for it's first service. I was three weeks ago, too. It's been raining constantly here (and everywhere else, seemingly) for quite some time. Not just rain either, but flooding and lightning and trees down, power lines down. Not really safe riding weather. Unfortunately, that's all the bike realted stuff I have to talk about. I've sort of switched back to bicycle mode lately anyhow. This is mostly due to the fact that riding the SV, while fun, wont really shed anything off my ever increasing belly. Hey, scoring cool Italian bicycle parts off ebay is almost as cool as scoring cool Italian motorcycle parts, right? No really, trust me. The house is also on the market so I have to help keep the house clean and you can even walk through the garagemobile. I've been keeping the grass below shin high too. So with the rain, family duties, work, keeping the house tidy and all that entails has kept me away from the old 'puter. Maybe I'll do a bicycle post here in my free time.

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