Friday, September 21, 2007

Here we go...part one

I wasn't really sure what was going to go on at my other blog when I started. The little bit I posted about motorcycles seemed to attract the most attention. As a result of that, the blog is mostly bike related. You can pretty much divide my brain into three parts; mechanical, philo-artistic, and fucking nuts. The mechanical part will be Still Life with Cranston Ritchie. That's somewhat ironic due to the fact that the title refers to Ralph Eugene Meatyard, who was an optometrist come photographer. The photography part falling more into the philo-artistic category. I've not been doing as much photography as I like but if I do my intention is to put it here. If I have an artistic rant to post or some philosophic thought I need to throw down it goes here in the Johnny Cash Memorial Tabernacle. I do my best to repress number three.


Gymi said...

Just droppin' by to say hey and see what Ya'll have been up to. Looks like it's going to be a good blog. Also, belated congrats on the SV she's a beauty.

J-Bob said...

While I am sure you will do your best to repress #3, just remember; dropping trou and going off on a mind numbing rant about the dragonflies gettin it on on the tank of the SV amkes everbody feel better about themselves. We all need laughter. Think Zippo vs. Head. Made you giggle.

Surly said...

Zippo vs. head, yep I giggled. I don't get the nude dragonfly rant. Must have been lots of HighLife that night.

GYMI!!!!! Great to "see" you.