Friday, September 26, 2008

Rode the Bike to work today

I almost got caught in a parade. Is it homecoming already?
After having ridden for a full week (sad really, but I think that's a record) I'm really getting the motorcycle juices flowing again. I used to own several motorcycles at a time. I only have the two right now. There was a time that I had the local Bargain Finder out circling all the odd named and low priced weird stuff. Times have changed and that stuff is not so common now. With the internet everyone things their Honda CM400 is a collectors item or they just threw it away a few years ago. All the good stuff is in the garages of the Peter Egan set. Empty nest Baby Boomers who are buying all that stuff because they have a little money to spend and the time to work on it. Don't get me wrong I'm friends with many of these guys and when the time comes to sell the stuff I might be in a position to actually buy something. I have a house that needs a little of everything and two wonderful children who need my attention, so I'll focus on riding my S-Wee and working on the Sprint as time allows and one of these days I need to get started on the Ducati.

It's a cool little bike, I really should commit to working on this over the winter. I have it on the stand in the new garage. Oh, but back to the Bargain Finder. As you may have guessed, if you are a regular reader of this here web log, from time to time I get a hankerin' for a specific kind of bike. As I get older and my tastes change I keep finding myself gravitating toward motorcycles with blue and white propellers on them. I like to have a new(ish) bike and I really dig the old stuff too. Since I sold the Honda and I'm actually leaning on turning the Suzuki into a light sport-tourer (not really - I'm just looking at a pair of bags) I'd like to have some sort of nifty old BMW to parade about from time to time. Not an R32 mind you but perhaps a toaster tank /5 or one of these. I was looking at bag sites and saw that pic. I could see me on that. And then starting to take longer routes to work. Buying TourMaster boots. Trading the S-Wee in on a R1200ST. Buying a silver flip-front helmet!!! Oh no make it stop! Sorry, having a nightmare. My Dad's only had two bikes he ever regretted selling, an SR500 Yamaha and a /5 Beemer. It was copper and had a white Windjammer. Ugly as hell but he always remarks about he should not have sold that bike. I have a pic of it but no way to scan it at the moment. I found a cool video though. Getting sleepy, gotta go.

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