Monday, September 08, 2008

A few of my friends call me "Two Sheds"

We've been settling in to the new compound nicely. The new baby and all the family, for that matter, are doing fine. As I have mentioned storage is a big issue here. To that end, I have been keeping myself busy with a bit of light carpentry (that's sarcasm, folks). I've been called lots of things, carpenter is not one of them. Maybe Karen, I do play the drums...I digress. The Chief gave me some pointers and a mornings worth of help but other than that, I did this by myself. Not bad for a...whatever the hell I am. Now that I have a shed, I've removed some of the clutter from the car-hole and (not that I want to) I could park a car in there. Two if I was to move the Suzuki and Ducati, but that's not gong to happen. So phase one of "find a place to put all this shit" is almost complete. A little more trim and a whole lot of paint and the shed should be done. I will then have one shed. A few years ago I was thinking about getting a second shed...
It's just an ordinary - garden - shed.

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Gymi said...

By the way, Great job on the shed. I could use two sheds myself.