Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Still alive

Just a quick note to anyone that cares. I'm still clinging tenaciously to this wonderful existence of my life. (is that a sentence?) Anyway, I've ridden the bike to work many times without updates but I still don't ride enough. This morning the bike would not start. Drag. 2006 bike with less than 1800 miles is sad enough but when this basically new bike won't start... It's probably protesting it's lack of use. Otherwise I'm just working and being Dad to my boys and occasionally Husband to my boys' Mom. She's my wife, I'm just being a jackass here. And a wonderful wife she is.
"And proud we are of all of them", as Maude Lebowski would say. I went to the MotoGp in Indy last week. Coolest motorcycle weekend I have ever had. I'll try to blog on it later. My home computer is still dead so who knows. Everything in my life is kind of on the edge of junk. I'm trying to save some money because I would like to retire someday and be able to put my kids through garbage truck driver school and I'm not going to get there without a change in philosophy. So the general thought right now is stay positive and just put up with the crap for a while. No worries. My life is kind of like this:

It's ugly but it works.

Thanks to all my extended family who came out for the family reunion or Sarcasm Festival as we were referring to it. I had a good time despite the weather and it was great to see all of you.

Seriously, things are fine I/We are just adjusting to a different lifestyle than before kids and bills and responsibility. As you might have noticed self deprication is my #1 defense mechanism.

Rock on people. Thanks for checking in.


Gymi said...

Good to see you are still breathing, holding things together. If the economy and house values in these parts ever recover I may also be able to retire someday. I just hope to have enough money salted away to be able to feed myself and the Mrs. Fancy Feast instead of Friskies. Like to see some of those Moto GP photos I know you took.

red said...

Glad you're still on this side of the dirt. Good luck on tracking down the gremlin.

(The person that built our house apparently built the steps in the picture.)