Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dinosaur Jr.

I'm going to see Dinosaur Jr. tonight at the Vic in Chicago. This will be my fourth time seeing them. Sort of. The last time they were technically J. Mascis and the Fog but J is pretty much the band and they played Dino Jr songs anyway. I've never seen any band more than four times. I've seen several bands exactly four times. Odd.

Cut and paste that shit. Because I'm running Linux nothing works as it should, but I'm virus free. Ain't life grand? It's sort of having time and no money or money and no time. Fuck it, I'm going to see Dinosaur Jr. again. Yay.

The last time I saw Dinosaur Jr. at the Vic the PA went out so J just turned his monitors around (they were working, apparently). J's voice is crap so most people don't care if he sings anyway. We came for the guitar. You can go to the band's MySpace page and hear a sampling of their music spanning the whole catalog. Don't let the vocals scare you listen to a song until you get to a guitar solo. You'll either walk away confused or become a fan. I bought "You're living all over me" at Hegwisch Records (in Merrillville) when I was roughly a freshman and I was hooked. Play it at 11.
Rock on. yeah, cut and paste like it's the 90's man.

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