Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I'm a stuff person. I'm not all that impulsive but I'm certainly compulsive. I love to hunt down that cool thing I must have and luckily, I usually find it cheap. I usually find the deals because what I'm looking for no sane person wants to own it or it's so obscure no one knows what it is. I'm smart enough to realize that once I get the item in my hands, the thrill is over. Stuff does not make me happy, getting stuff makes me happy. Thankfully, this applies to books as well. I have a ton of books but I can get my fix, as it were, by going to the library. I have so many interests I can just walk the stacks and find something that I know about or want to know more about. Then I have acquired the stuff I need, I have the instant gratification, and after that passes I can return the books without spending the money and maybe I learned a little about whatever I read.
Random shot from N.A.H.B.S.

I've never been all that adept at lighting with flash. I have a couple of decent strobes; like the rest of my gear it's limited and, dare I say, dated. If I am to do the kind of work I want to be doing, I need a flash with a few more features. The big one would be variable power. I found a nice used one on eBay that fits nicely with the Through The Lens metering of my Nikon film camera. Nice price too. I didn't want to buy more gear but I was extremely limited with what I had. I certainly plan to work on my weaknesses and lighting is the big one. Actually, I'm pretty excited about learning. Whenever I gain some knowledge I feel as though things get easier. Duh.

Another from N.A.H.B.S

I was surfing the web looking for some film and processing info. It's been a while since I bought film. I used to buy B&W film in small bulk lots which can save you some money if you use enough. I was checking out the sites that I like to buy from and happened to see some prices of cameras. As I said before I can't really afford to buy a camera right now. O.k. Surly, focus on the film. Keep your eye on the prize and don't get distracted. What? Over six bucks a roll for good slide film? Ouch. Maye it cost that before, I really can't remember. Well now what does processing cost? I'm having it done now for eleven dollars a roll for process and scan. Hmmmm...eyes drifting back to the digital cameras... Wait a tick. Do some quick math. $17 or so bucks a roll for film and processing. For the price of 26 rolls I can buy this nice used entry level DSLR. Like I said, I love new stuff but spending the bucks right now hurts. Crap. Pull the trigger. I should have the new camera in my hot little hands tomorrow. It's no pro-level camera but I've got to start somewhere and be frugal. I think for the time being I can get back to honing the skills and actually making photos rather than being a collector. Collecting is not really a value adding pastime unless it's Ferraris or inverted Jennies.
Anyway, photos are made by photographers not cameras. The gear is just a set of tools and I've got a few new tools in the bag. More on the stuff when it gets here, and more importantly, pics from the new camera! Until then, Rock on.

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