Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy, busy...

I've got many irons in the fire of late. I spent the last two night talking photography with some friends about some cool opportunities.
I managed to get out and play in the rain the other day and I got some nice shots of some weeds indigenous plants. The above shot was one I like a lot even though there's not much going on. I have no clue what these plants are. I'm no stranger to plant life, my Dad used to do quite a bit of gardening. However, I can't identify the stuff growing all about. I suppose as long as it's not poisonous I don't need to be all that concerned. With the overcast sky and everything wet they look great. I never understood why people kept telling me that overcast days are great to shoot. Thanks to digital and instant feedback, I am really starting to understand exposure. When things are exposed properly the type of sky can be used to one advantage or another. I've got another post about ready to fire off too. I just need a little time to shoot some pics for that one. Keep watching.

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domestikdeva said...

Sonny, Those are beautiful! I love them both. U done good.