Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lots of boxing this week

 I just got home from the Junior Olympic fundraiser for the DeMotte Boxing Club. I shot just under 1500 frames! No motor drive, just 1470 odd shutter clicks...
That's certainly a new personal record. Not that sheer volume is my goal but the more I shoot the better I have to get, yes?  I have found that shooting boxing is almost a sport itself. You have to be a bit of a contortionist to stay under the ropes and crane your neck up at the action. At the Gloves on Thursday I was sharing a set of wooden stairs with two other guys.
 Laying on those stairs was not the most comfortable thing I've ever done. My wife asked me what the bruise on my hip was from. The gentleman in the middle is Bob Scheer from the Indianapolis Star. The guy on the left I spoke to but only caught a first name. I shot the first two rounds of this three round fight and I let him have the spot for the last round.  They were both very gracious and treated me and my soccer mom camera as an equal. Thanks guys. You can check out Mr. Scheer's photos from the event here.
 Shooting at the DeMotte Boxing Club is a different challenge. The place is very dark but the ring is so small the action is always right in front of you. I have been able to avoid the blood but I got hit in the neck with a mouthpiece tonight. There were a couple of bloody noses and the canvas took a beating, or perhaps I should say soaking, tonight. Thanks for all the kind words I recieved from everyone at the gym. I am working on getting a host to put the fight photos up for viewing and sale. I will let everyone know when I get that going. There's still a lot to be learned here but I'm having a lot of fun and meeting some great people. Thanks.

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