Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Greetings from Milwaukee

I'm in Milwaukee for some work stuff. Normally I like to travel for work but this is the third time I've been here and I'd much rather travel with someone. The class content is good but otherwise I'm bored. I'd go walk around and take some more pics but I feel like a touristy target. I did, however, go to a nasty old book store with three stories of shit everywhere. It's an awesome fire trap of a place and I'm pretty sure someone lives in the stacks. I would not hesitate to say there is aver a million books in there. My Dad is probably thinking that it's his kind of place. It was really my kind of place but like I said I was sort of dressed like a target so I didn't spend much time there. This is the kind of place my wife hates to see when we are on vacation. I can go in a spend four hours and she is bored to tears. At any rate, I got an old LIFE book with interpretations of the photos by John Loengard. The prices were fairly high considering the place was a dump. Gotta go call the wife and I'm getting hungry...later.

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