Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Where'd the week go?

I've said before I've been trying to do at least a post a week so I checked to see when the last post was. Oops, I didn't realize how long it had been. Just dealing with day to day stuff got in the way. Posting from work makes it a bit tough to do what I'd like as I've got some pictures to show but they are there and I am here. It's also tough to share a computer with three other folks who find it very necessary to view excavator and Lego Star Wars videos on YouTube.
    A few weeks ago I went to Chicago for the day with a couple of friends to do some photography. Just for fun. The weather was nice, we could take pictures and hang out and not worry about "getting the shot" or any of that. We had a great day and were winding up at North Ave. Beach shooting the people there and the lake and getting ready to go home when I found out we had been ripped off. That sucked. My bag and my buddies bag had been snatched. Luckily we had the cameras with us but all the other stuff was gone. It could have been much worse but all in all the experience was pretty shitty. My friend was actually concerned that the event would turn me sour on photography and making trips to Chicago. I hadn't even thought about it at the time but perhaps it would have. I think in hindsight he did a good job of keeping the negativity of the event at bay. Thanks man. The Chicago PD were pretty easy to deal with and my insurance folks have been alright as well. I tend to get freaked out and assume the worst-case scenario but I was told I'll be getting reimbursed real soon. Whew. I didn't have all that much stuff but I tell you it can add up quick. If you are the kind of guy who carries a bunch of crap around (EDC) add up what it would cost to replace all that. It's staggering. Ladies, do the same with your purse and you'll see what I mean. Of course the case could be made for minimizing and leaving the junk at home but that's another conversation. I lost lenses, which pretty much makes an SLR useless. I'm not going to be able to go out and replace my gear with the latest and greatest stuff. I must admit, however, I like buying stuff and this gives me the opportunity to make a more advised buying decision than I may have the first time around. I will post the pics from my trip to Chicago soon. Actually, I think the photos from Milwaukee were better but ya'll can take a look and decide. Thanks for reading. Rock on.

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