Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's with all the video?

This piece was done by Henrik Hansen. In a complimentary way it has a very Wes Anderson feel to it. If I may use the man as an adjective. Many of the videos I have seen of late have that look. Perhaps Wes stole it; I don't profess to be the expert. Certainly the Futura typeface is right in there but I think there is a bit of a 60's documentary thing happening with a generous helping of Gen-X styled creativity.
The bit at the 1:10 mark is...I don't think there is a word for it in English. It has a quality that is what I want to have as my essence. Yeah, that's right. There is visual imagery, nice light, a simple mechanical operation. Ratchet, boot, energy transfer. Life. Those four blue flames against the leg. Kill me now, it won't get any better than that. Wait...maybe if I can create something with that quality. That's my heroin. The carrot on a string. Photography and motorcycles coming together in a perfect storm of blue flames and hand beat 2002 aluminum sheet. It makes my mind clear if just for a split second. Thank you Henrik. Thank you Shinya.

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