Wednesday, June 15, 2011


I guess if you look at pictures of enough H-Ds, eventually you'll want one. I'm there. Crap, how did I let this happen? Now, like all my motorcycling pipe dreams this will probably never come to fruition but here's what I've been thinking. And when I say thinking I mean morning, noon, and night. I can't shake this. There is a remote possibility that I could wind up with this:
The how's and why's of this are not appropriate to discuss here but if the planets align, it could be mine for a fair price. 1969 XLH. I've no clue as to how it would run or the state of the internals. It could be put back to stock fairly easily. I'm thinking, given my 'druthers, that I'd like to have something more like...

The three above pics were snatched from the web.
 If these pics belong to you hit me up and I'll give credit or remove them. 

...KR flat tracker style. I'm sure my Dad would never notice the Ceriani front end had gone missing from his parts stash. If I didn't get too picky about things I'm sure it wouldn't cost all that much. Throw away all the stuff that doesn't make it go or stop. Bolt on hardtail (sorry Chief), set of dirt track bars, Bates style seat and a P pad. I'm sure my neighbors will just love the straight pipes waking them up at 5:30 as I leave for work.
I don't love all choppers per se but It's the handbuilt aspect of it. Certain styles of chopper I absolutely love and others I wouldn't even notice if I was standing in a field full of them. That said you'll probably never see me owning a chopper. I sure love looking at pictures of them, though. I've always associated motorcycles with racebikes. Sitting on something that has forward controls or bars with grips at odd angles is just so foreign to me I'd never be comfortable. It would need to have the foundation of a racebike. When thinking about the Sportster above, "what would this bike look like with my stamp on it?".  XR750 replica street trackers abound and could get pricey. They look too specific. Also, I think if I was gonna build that style bike I'd do it with a Jap bike. I don't know why. Maybe because I know where I can score an SR500 on the cheap... I know ironheads are evil. There's a real good reason most guys run the new stuff. I think I just need to get it out of my system. There's only one way to do that.

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