Saturday, November 19, 2011

A pair of zircon encrusted tweezers.

I never thought that this point in my life would be like it is. I'm not complaining. Well, not right now to you, dear Reader. Working lots of hours on a challenging project, training a couple of little boys to be men, trying to stay in shape, and just generally trying not to go koo-koo bananas is quite harrowing work. Never mind the marriage and the other family stuff. It's starting to get close to the end of the year and the reflections that come with all of that. I've been learning about things this year that I hadn't thought of in the past. Probably a post or two in that content if I try hard. Really, I just wanted to say I'm still here and will continue blogging but I just have to focus on higher priorities right now. Keep checking in, I'm not going away. "Steady by jerks" as Joey B. used to say.

I'm considering selling my two motorcycle projects, Gymi or Red if you guys are interested or know anyone hit me up. 75' CB400f and 66' HD Sprint 250. At least I think it's a 66, I'll have to look.

On the facial hair front, I had decided to let my hair and beard grow for the winter. I'm balding, or already bald or what ever you call it. A little hair does grow up there however. I thought I'd give it one last chance to see if I could eek out a proper haircut and not look like a blond George Costanza (not that there's anything wrong with that). Coincidentally, two friends from work decided to have a beard off. That is to day, see who could go the longest without trimming their beard. Loser has to wear a mustache for a full work day. Big deal, right? I figured I'd get in on this. It's not that big of a deal to walk around a machine shop looking like Ted Kaczynski. Unless you figure in talking to the women in the office who you need to help you with shipping and accounts payable. I'm pretty sure I was creeping them out. It's a good thing I'm one charismatic mother fucker. Another consideration is the vendors I have to meet with occasionally.  Of course, I need to talk to the owners from time to time. And the plant manager. Head of Engineering. My department head. Hmmm... Probably not all that professional considering some of the big projects going on. The kicker was the wife mentioned that I looked crappy. She never mentions that. Like never. Of course looking in the mirror was no picnic. So after some deliberation about what style of 'stache I was going to sport, it hit me.
Yeah, that'll work. So after my run this morning I broke out my new Wahl balding clippers and went to town. Just for kicks I left the beard and just shaved my head. Captain Spaulding. Not a good look, sorry Sid.
Actually now that I have the Zappa stache, it's kind of growing on me. Pun only sort of intended.
I lost six pounds of hair, and about twenty years off the way I look. In the immortal words of Prince... "Sexy mother fucker". (that link is decidedly NSFW) Perhaps I'm over stating it. Let your conscience be your guide. Anywhooo...I got rid of the homeless look and now I've got a Mr. Clean meets Sam Elliot thing going on. All this self deprecating has me exhausted. Have a nice Thanksgiving. Now I'm gong to go get a cup of coffee...and give my foot a push...just me and the pigmy pony over by the dental floss bush.  


Grumpyunk said...

That beard was giving you the Alexander solzhenitsyn look.

Gymi said...

Like the new look, makes ya look way younger. I'll keep my ear to the ground and see if I can find a buyer for either bike. I'd be interested in the CB myself, but I already have a project I am way behind on. I give ya call if I find a buyer.

And then I might just jump back on And ride like a cowboy into the dawn to Montana.