Friday, January 13, 2012

So Matt says "Maybe a list is what I need..."

We find Matt and Surly having a friendly conversation in the virtual garage that is Matt's brain. Matt has been trying to think of a way to fulfill his creative needs and also simplify his life. Surly is attempting to keep Matt from chasing his tail and making the same old mistakes. Let's have a listen, shall we?

Surly - BWAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAA..... yeah, right. A fuckin list. Then what are you gonna do with the list? Toss it on the dresser amongst the Chipotle receipts and memory cards and forget about it. Yeah, that's about right. A fuckin crack me up.
Matt -Naw, naw...bear with me. Not just jot it down on paper and forget about it. Put some real thought into it and just try to stick to the list. Keep it simple, you know?
Surly - You're fuckin simple.
Matt - Fuck you, you know what I mean.
Surly - Yeah, I know. So what then? Milk, bread, eggs...that sort of shit?
Matt - I've got too much shit, right? I mean, too much clutter and not enough substance. I've got three motorcycles here that don't run and one that I don't have time to ride. Maybe I could start there. Limit it to two bikes, shit maybe even one. Then carefully consider what the bike should be. I've got the SV and maye the other bike should be a Dual-sport, say an XR650 or KLX650. Then, if I run across some piece of shit Honda for three-hundred bucks I can remind myself that it's not on the list.
Surly - O.K., I get that. Then what about a Harley? You know you want some piece of shit project Sportster that you'll never finish.
Matt - All that shit can be worked out. That's why you have a list. Put a little thought into it, you know? Yeah, I want something cool and old but I also want practical and reliable. Just gotta keep it to a minimum and have it fit into the plan. And no basket cases. Fuck that. I don't have time for that. Maybe when the kids are grown I can rethink that.
Surly - So what else?
Matt - Well, the stuff I'd like to have but have been complaining about not being able to afford or the "Someday I'll have one of those" type deals.
Surly - What about em?
Matt - Write em down, then look at what's important. Here's one, I have a lathe but it's not wired. Get a plan together to make that happen. Sell off some of the shit I'm tripping over and use that money to buy the supplies.
Surly - You start writing all that shit down and your little pin head will blow the fuck up.
Matt - Blow me....All I'm saying is I've got too much shit and a guy has to have a fucking plan so's he can stay focused on what's important.
Surly - O.K. I get it. Eyes on the prize, yeah?
Matt - You're such a dick. Let's go get a taco.

Here's an unrelated photo of the dragbike my Dad built sitting the yard of my boyhood home. Good shit there. Incidentally, I hit that tree with my Ninety-Eight once. Caved in the rear passenger door. Tree didn't flinch.


Shop Teacher Bob said...

I'm always making a list - two in fact - short list and long term list. I'm pretty good at taking care of the short list but since it continually renews itself, the long term one usually doesn't see much progress. Your number one priorities right now are family and job, plus keeping yourself sane and healthy. You're doing a good job on family, job and health, so getting your shit together on your clutter/projects thing is the missing piece. Like your physical workouts, it takes awhile to establish habits. Prioritize your projects and tackle it best you can within your financial and time constraints. Be realistic, you don't have much time, so don't drag anything else home. It never bothered me having all that junk until recently but that may be part of your problem. You had me for a role model. Start with the lathe, you'll need that for the bike projects anyway. Let me know if I can help with that, I've about got all I can do on the barn until Spring rolls around.

Your life will be perfect if you think it is.

Grumpyunk said...

Yeah, what he said.

Wait a minute. I should be paying closer attention to this idea.