Monday, March 05, 2012

I really need more than ten minutes

This photo has little to do with the post
But that's all I've got. I guess you do the best with what you have, right? I need a creative outlet. Sure, I've got a million of those but it takes me ten minutes to find...anything. If I get an idea for the blog and I don't act on it immediately it's gone. I'm not really bitching here...just sort of stating the obvious in hopes that it somehow acts in the same way that creating something would. Don't get me wrong, writing is quite creative. At least it can be. It's not, however always a quick process for me. It takes more than the ten odd minutes I have on my break at work, or in between fatherly and husbandly duties at home. I'd love to expound on this but, well, my time is up.

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