Monday, July 30, 2012

Mid-Ohio Vintage Days PT2 Aermacchi Edition

EDIT: I found this cool site with a bunch of of Aermacchi stuff and I was wrong about the ERS in a street bike frame. Not sure about the other one... Check it out.

VMD, if you didn't know, includes: road racing, motocross, trials, bike shows, and probably the biggest vintage bike swap meet on the planet. I'm drawn to these things like a moth to a flame. I'm not sure I saw every Aermacchi there but I snapped pictures of quite a few. 

 Clean 350 road racer for sale. 

 Leggero for sale in the swap meet. 65cc if I remember correctly. Similar to the Old Man's Rapido.

 250cc CRS Factory Dirt Tracker

Looks like a late model 350 street bike converted to dirt tracker.  

This looks like an ERS motor in a street bike frame. Nicely done.

This was my favorite of the weekend, however. It was running all around the swap meet with that open megaphone. Cut down Ceriani, Bates style seat, no bullshit. Looks sort of familar, no?

My late model 250.

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