Friday, May 17, 2013

Things I'm learning while working on the VFR

1)  There is not enough light in my garage.

2) Bolt cutters work pretty darn well to cut an endless chain. (saw that on the VFR forum)

3) Latex gloves are a wonderful invention.

4) Working on a fully faired, watercooled,  V-4 is a pain in the ass an exercise in patience.

5) Charging the battery on your camera is key to using it to take pictures for the blog.

Since I have no pics watch Joey Dunlop go 'round the Isle of Man. Amazing video. I used to watch this when I was a wee lad (okay, I was eleven). I've seen Dave Roper narrate a lap of the TT circuit riding a Matchless. I've also seen Mike Hailwood do it in a video as well. I wish I could find that video, it had all kinds of cool shit on it. Anyway, enjoy the King of the Mountain in V-4 to Victory. 6 1/2 minutes of it anyway.

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