Monday, August 05, 2013

No measurable progress on the bikes

I've determined that the rear shock on the VFR is a joke. I bought a used stocker off eBay and will be sending it off for a re-spring/re-valve. When I get some cash together that is. Been commuting on the VFR and it's really a great bike. It's just got a shock that was built on price it seems.
Pic from XLForum
I've been poking at the Sportster a bit and making lists, mental and physical. It needs a few important things like a choke cable. Mostly I've been doing research. I'm hesitant to buy anything. My m.o. in the past has been buy a bike cheap, buy a bunch of expensive parts, lose interest, sell at a loss. All I have purchased at this point is oil.
Pic from XLForum
I found a tank in the Old Man's barn that looks like it will work well for test & tune. Nice and clean inside. Sill need to find the right pair of bars. I may have found some other parts for my bike from the P.O.

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