Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy Halloween and What I didn't do on my Fall Vacation

No, not gonna be all negative Nancy. I was hoping to get a little work done on the Sportster but it just didn't happen. I went down to the Grumpy Unk compound for a few days to help clean out the barn. Turns out Unk was a bit of a pack rat and not really into barn maintenance. I was supposed to have three or four folks to help me and we had big plans. Yeah, it was just me and the wife with a little help from Therapy Boy. Good kid, that one but he was nursing some bug so wasn't 100%. No big deal. The wife  took care of a huge burn pile and kilt' a snake with a pitchfork. Makes her sound tough but she felt horrible about it. She just meant to move it. My plan was to come back and get the garage dialed in for the winter and then spend a little time with my kids. I got a little done on the garage and there's never enough time with the kids. That means I didn't do squat on the Sportster. I have a deal pending on some parts and an idea or two for some other things but I need a place to work. The garage is a flippin disaster at the moment. The idea was to tidy up the drywall that was never 1977. And insulate the attic and exterior walls. I won't go into the nightmare that was blowing insulation into the wall. What a fiasco. The important thing is I need a warm place to work in the winter. The garage was just to drafty and cold last winter to get anything done. Boo Hoo, right? O.K., enough bitching. Soon it'll be winter so I'll get it all nice and tidy so I can work on the scoots and maybe get a few honey-doos done as well. Have a fun Halloween. Eat too much candy, life is short. Unk preferred gummy bears. I'm more of a chocolate guy.

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