Monday, November 18, 2013

Warmer, drier, and much dustier

I've spent the last few weekends working on making the garage a bit more suited to working on things through the cold months. The attic is now about 95% insulated over the garage (I ran out of insulation or it would be done). The cold air used to just blow in the eaves and down through the drywall seams. I still have to get the seams done on the ceiling but what a difference the insulation makes! The main wall of the "shop" side is all nice and pretty now. Time for some proper shelving and some cool posters and motorcycle ephemera. It's far from done in there but I've got to get things back to normal usable so I can get the wife's car in there and work on a few things for Christmas. The overhead door has had some issued since I moved in and I've finally gotten it weather tight...ish. It's no submarine but I don't think I'll have snow drifts on the inside like a few years ago and you can't put your hand through the gaps in the woodwork anymore. Apparently the previous owners thought if you just wrap the rotted wood in aluminum it will keep the rain from flowing in. For the record, this is a fallacy. Now I'm working on putting things back where they belong and cleaning up the mess. Between the rock wool fiasco from the walls, the residual fiberglass of the attic, and the drywall dust it's pretty dusty in there. I've been wearing a dust mask almost every time I spend any time in there. Yesterday I did not and I'm feeling it today. I believe dumbass is the term for folks doing things they should not when they know better. Speaking of dumbass, I did not take any before photos. I'm going to have to look around because I may have a pic that shows the minty green goodness of the old wall. I can compare that to the new grey wall. It's not the coolest thing ever but it's coming along. Hopefully I can get in there and work on some bike projects soon and some house projects as well. I've got two saws to restore and I need to remodel pretty much my entire house.

Here's some Dusty that's a bit more palatable.
 I should have some Sportster news soon. I have a box scheduled to arrive tomorrow that should include some pretty cool stuff. Well, that's subjective but cool to a guy who is missing plenty of parts for his Sportster.

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