Monday, December 23, 2013

In preparation for Boxing Day

Box number two almost assembled...
Box number one with saw in place in the lid.
My car had some problems last week so rather than work on Christmas gifts I had to be Subaru repairman. Now I'm scrambling to finish these Japanese style toolchests for my boys. I'm learning woodworking with hand tools and this style box is a great place to start. I took the week off so I've got a little cushion time wise but I'm fairly confident I'll have both boxes done in time for Santa to trip over them. If anyone is interested, these are 23 X 7 X 10 1/2. I chose the dims based on the small saw, and keeping the weight to a minimum. 
The board on the end has a relief on the inside that helps this become a handle. The five and eight year old should be able to carry them well enough. The lid is pretty ingenious; it slides in and then over to lock itself in place. Not fancy but practical. Fun project and I love making stuff for people. Gotta go!

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Lucky said...

Super cool tool boxes!