Thursday, February 27, 2014

Because I simply cannot leave well enough alone

I'm changing the goal of the Sportster. I've never kept any motorcycle forever so with that in mind I want to pay special attention to how much money I spend the old girl. I'm notorious for never finishing projects as well. With that in mind, the number one goal with the Sportster is to a) actually make the thing rideable in my lifetime and b) when the time comes to sell, not take a bath on the whole deal. That part is not changing. What is changing is what the bike is going to look and or feel like when it is done. I was going to try to put the bike back together with most of the original parts and have a mostly stock Sportster. that I think of it that's not really changing either. Much. So I'm standing in the garage the other night staring at the XLH in question and contemplating what to do next. Then I start stressing on the amount of work involved and quite frankly considering my own mortality and how life is short. Without getting too philosophical the short story is, I turned off the light and went in the house.
So I ran across this picture on the Sideburn blog...

I love the mirror placement.

Light. Bulb. Man, this Triumph is fucking bitchin'. It looks like the kind of bike you can just get on and ride, you know? Not coast to coast. Not with luggage. I already have one of those anyhow. Just ride for the thrill of riding and if you run out of road fuck it, you're running on MT53's baby, just keep on motoring. So let's overthink analyze this for a moment, shall we? Mostly stock so not a lot of complicated shit to worry about. Check. Racebike feel. Check. (that's my wheelhouse). Not so refined that we need to worry about paint chips or some oil dripping. Check. A few custom touches to scratch the creative itch. Check. I have most of the parts already. Check. Fairly comfortable at least from a riding position standpoint. Sit up and beg. Check.
So I went home and pulled the tins off and did a few minutes of cleaning. I have a rear fender I think I can use. I'm pretty sure the Old Man has a fork brace laying around. I've got a seat. I've got alloy rims. I still need bars. I should have the fender in my hands by Monday. The next thing will be to make a subframe to hold up the fender and or the occasional spouse. Not that my spouse is occasional. It's just that the only passenger I will probably have will be my spouse and that will only happen on occasion. I think the digression has become my trademark. Anyway, I'm considering moving the shocks to a bit more vertical and having a loop up and over the fender. I will mock up something with conduit and see how it pans out. The only real stumbling block now is the tank. I think that's another post.
In between remodeling my house, working 60hrs a week, and being a father and husband I should have this knocked out by oh, let's say...2030. Give or take. I'm kidding but I really think this plan can actually expedite the project. Assuming the engine is mechanically sound.

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