Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Long way to go but I know where I'm going finally

I got the tank on Saturday. I started a remodel on my living room so all I could do was take it out of the box and plop it on the frame but I'm quite pleased. The tank has a lot of wear and tear but is very clean on the inside. The word patina is so overused these days but basically the condition of the tank is on par with the condition of the rest of the bike. The rear fender has been bead blasted to remove the paint (I did this years ago) but it will get a polish of some sort. Probably a little better than what Scotch-Brite will yield. It has a few dings and some pitting. I found that on an unknown chassis out in the woods somewhere about twenty years ago and have been saving it for just such a project. I was concerned about the p-pad being too tall but after tweaking the seat I think it's going to work fine. I've got a board propping it up presently. having the seat nice and high also lets me use the stock ignition switch location which happens to be under the seat. I don't want to change what I don't have to change, you know? I would not have considered painting this bike this color blue, by the way. I like blue but I was leaning toward green or black or a combo of the two. I like the blue very much. I've got some things to fab but not much to hold me up. The wiring is really going to be the big issue right now. With the changes I've made combined with some decisions of the previous owner it's going to pretty much be a complete rewire. I guess it will give me something to do since we had our obligatory March fucking blizzard this morning. I really hope that shit ends soon.
Rock on.

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Lucky said...

Lookin' sharp! I dig the tank.

Say, what's the scoop with the stand you've got the bike on? Did you build that?