Thursday, April 03, 2014

Nailed it

Somebody else completely nailed the look (or a version of it) that I was shooting for with the Sporty.

More pictures of this at El Corra Motors (where I got the photo)
They link to the site where they got it.

The pipes - yep, that answers all my questions. I don't know how well they would work but  I'll bet they'd be fine and they look sexy. The bars have a really nice bend. Not all choppery and not too dirt-tracky. The stock peanut tanks are small so they don't hold much gas and they leave the frame all nekkid. That's fine for some but this one has been stretched juuuuust enough. The proportions of this thing are perfect. I think that's hard to do with customs in general and even harder with a Sportster. Looks like a Betor fork from a Sprint; nice choice. If this was mine I'd throw an air filter of some sort on it and ride it with a big fucking grin on my face. Which no one would see under my new Shoei GT-Air helmet. Oh yeah, did I mention I bought a new helmet? It's great. More on that later. As for the air filter, when I was a kid The Old Man built a KZ900 custom with a sidecar. On a shakedown run a nut and washer fell off the bottom of the seat pan. One of those little pieces of hardware got into the low pressure area near the velocity stack and rather than falling toward the rear it got sucked into the carb, down the intake, and found a new home somewhere near a valve and seat fucking up a perfectly good valve with a fresh valve job if memory serves. 
Bernoulli beats Newton 1-0.  That, my friends, is why you always want to run some sort of filtering device between the outside air and the inside air. On the old Linkerts they used to run little cast caps called bird catchers. This has got to be in my top 5 of favorite bike pics I've found. Gotta go, Rock on. 

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Lucky said...

That's a sweet bike!

And air filters are definitely a nice thing to have, now and then. Nothing like having an inexpensive bit ruin a very expensive bit to drive that lesson home...