Friday, August 01, 2014

Louver press dies

Started on these a while back at the request of a friend. Just letting the folks who are talking about these kind of things know I've got a head start if that helps.

Made a little progress on the English Wheel as well, but it's tough to eat and do CAD at the same time.


Frankie Flood said...

Have you built a louver press? I have been looking for someone that could louver my volksrod hood and deckled. Always thought it would be cool to build one, but they always take up so much room if you build one that is big enough to do large panels. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the design.

Surly said...

I've never built one. A couple guys I work with were inquiring about how to do it. I design stamping dies so I threw together the models you see here. The frame could probably be built so that it could be broken down and not take up tons of shop space but I don't have a design. I've seen a few on the H.A.M.B.