Wednesday, September 09, 2015


EDIT: I just had a minute when I posted this so I didn't include much text. I 'm ALWAYS up to my elbows in projects. Some of them are fun, interesting things and some of them are much less fun and mostly not interesting at all. So at the moment I literally have three minutes to finish this but here's what's up with the photos. I found this box in my Uncle John's barn when I was helping clean it out a couple years ago. I just needed to drag some stuff home and it was there. I have been doing some woodworking lately. I'm lacking in storage and the tools are literally piling up on the bench. So even though I should be doing other things I need to get a rack built to hold my commonly used tools. It will mostly be open but I need a little drawer for small stuff. I thought I could knock this apart, plane the boards and put it back together. Easier said than done but I think it will work, and its walnut! Since then I think I may have another use for the box but I will carry on rebuilding it. More later, I hear the bell. Rock on.   

As found
After a little planing

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