Thursday, June 23, 2005

Doing some crazy shit

I'm a garage guy. As a kid I grew up in the garage. I have a garage tan. When I bought my first house (the only one I have bought so far) it had no garage. What was I thinking? Well, thanks to my buddy Bill, I'm now going to have a garage. The cheap hard way. You see, Bill is building a new garage, or car hole for you less sophisticated types. He offered to help me move his old garage over to my house. That's one hell of a garage sale, brother! I'm scared to death about moving this thing, but I think it will work. I'm also happier than a puppy with two peters about ending the 6 year cycle without a garage. I plan on taking lots of pics of the big move, so I'll post some here if my crappy digicam holds out.
Fuck yeah, people-fuck yeah.

Oh Yeah, I changed the links- added a few cool ones.

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