Friday, June 24, 2005

Garage almost ready to roll.....literally

After several days of frantic thrashing on the garage we got it just about ready to roll. Someone was kind enough to loan us a trailer but it was sort of, well....... incomplete. It's basically a frame with no deck to speak of. My father and I built a frame from some old house trailer beams. He's got a broken collar bone and still helps out! So last night I installed half of the trailer deck, the other half will be there tonight. Bill and I, (Bill's the neighbor with the garage) installed 2x12 beams running across the span of the garage for the trailer to sit on, as well as, cross bracing. After seeing all that lumber in there I feel a little better, it looks pretty stout! We've got a pile of jacks and some other assorted doo-dad's, a big pile of lumber, a tractor on the way to actually pull the thing. Tonight is Friday and there still is alot to do. The big move is Saturday morning. Man I hope this works. It's gonna sit in my driveway until I get a foundation built for it. That wont be as interesting but I'll still post the progress. I hope tonight I can add pics to these posts.
Rock on.


Grumpyunk said...

Your Cheapass Hillbilly Uncle approves of this plan. How far are you chowderheads moving this thing?

Surly said...

It's gonna live about 75ft. West of where it used to. But it went the long way to get there.